Over the years, technology has come along way. We’d like to say we look back on the past with fond memories, but when it’s the choice between a PC tower the size of a wardrobe or an Apple iPad Mini we can slip into our bags and carry anywhere, we’re pretty thankful tech has advanced so quickly. In the true spirit of Throwback Thursday, here’s eight examples of technology we really don’t miss today, courtesy of TheHut.com.

1. 5 TV channels. What would be do without Freeview? Imagine not being able to watch your favourite TV programme on catch up.

2. Commodore 64. Really!?

3. Txt t4lk. Remember when it was ‘cool’ to use as little letters as possible? Well the gr8 invention of smartphones and 4utocorrect means we don’t have to put up with receiving ‘hw r u?’ or ‘c u 2mz’ from our friends anymore. Instead we can buy quirky little smartphone accessories like splash-proof smartphone speaker cases and touchscreen styluses.


4. Keeping in touch with our friends through Bebo – (or was it Myspace first)? Either way. We’re thankful for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. With people Instagramming photos of themselves at the gym (usually, just around the time you’re in bed eating chocolate biscuits), and snapchatting images of what they’re eating for breakfast – lunch – and dinner, we needn’t wonder what that distant friend is up to ever again.

5. Walkman / tape players. With iPads, mp4’s and all the stylish accessories like BassBudz earphones and Beats by Dr. Dre headphones to go with them, it’s hard to believe that once upon a time we had to put up with only being able to listen to one CD / cassette at a time. Infact, we’ve come so far we can now lsiten to our music through portable, Wireless and Bluetooth Speakers. Now that’s what we’d call progress.


6. Photos. Remember going on a school trip and having a disposable camera or a film camera? We’d then have to wait up to a week to get our photos developed. You couldn’t request that the photo’s removed on Facebook or take your pick from a few photos before you post the final ‘selfie’. Well now we have splash-proof cameras, digital cameras, and handsfree camcorder’s designed for extreme sports like skateboarding, skiing and mountain biking. Wow.


7. The awkward moment your mum goes to watch her favourite TV programme on video and you realised you taped over the it the night before.


8. Those awful Mr Motivator videos that your mum used to work out to. Work out with myprotein sport supplements instead. Much better results.

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