Tis the season to be lolly….ice!

Congratulations guys and dolls! You made it through another year; a year of indecisive weather and freak British temperatures that is. Finally, summer is here, and at The Hut HQ we’re welcoming it with open arms. All hail the annual, burning yellow sphere in the sky!

Most of you will soon be jetting off to warmer climates to enjoy stretches of white sand, exotic foods and heaps of culture (clubs have culture…) So, what could be more appropriate than a post dedicated to helping you pack your hand luggage to perfection. Don’t forget though, different flights call for different essentials. A long haul flight would demand much more than a quick hop; so take this advice as a quick starter guide to perfect packing!

What to pack in your hand luggage:

Not to strike worry into the heart of any traveller, but you should always be prepared for the worst. What if that case you checked in just two hours ago is now enjoying a first class flight to the Caribbean, whilst you drift casually along to Ibiza…. It happens. Sometimes your luggage can take an unexpected detour. But don’t be caught out. Make sure you pack your hand luggage with any essentials you may need when you land. You can’t take everything, obviously, but a change of clothes and emergency swimwear is a good place to start. (Priorities we know…)


the hut playsuitthe hut bikini

Girls, the AX Paris Women’s Daisy Print Playsuit is perfect for evening cocktails and can double as an emergency beach cover up, whilst the South Beach Women’s Claudia Floral Triangle Bikini is a tanning essential!


the hut vestthe hut shorts

Guys, throw the emergency Mas-if Men’s Flugel Vest into your carry on for a quick change when you head out for the night and don’t forget Brave Soul Men’s Cafu Swim Shorts for bombing in the pool!

Quick cover up

grey hoodie the hutthe hut brave soul cardigan

Be sure to pack a light cover up for the plane; we all know how freezing they can get… (But spying the teeny tiny snowflakes on the window will never get old!). This Niagara cardigan and Grey Hooded Sweatshirt, both by Brave Soul will have you sorted.


Ok, so you’re restricted to travel size 100ml bottles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take your fave cosmetics along to help you feel human throughout the flight.

Guys, you might want to take a small moisturiser to help refresh your face and skin (planes can be pretty drying with their recycled, air conditioned atmosphere) and girlies, take a small pack of cleansing wipes to give your skin a quick spruce before you land. You can take any other cosmetics and toiletries with you as long as they’re no bigger than 100ml and can fit inside a 20x20cm clear plastic bag. You can usually buy these for a few quid in security at the airport!

Here’s our pick of some of those handy products you’ll need while you’re in the air.





Bulldog Original Moisturiser (100ml)

triple active

L’Oreal Triple Active Re-Nourish Cleansing Wipes

macadamia no tangle brush

Macadamia No Tangle Brush



Even though you’re in holiday mode and excited for that tranquil paradise or crazy party island, the wait can still be pretty tedious. Be prepared and make sure you have plenty of gadgets in your hand luggage to keep you going through the flight.


BassBuds Classics Collection Earphones with Swarovski Element


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 WiFi 7 Inch Tablet 8 GB – White

book for hut group

HARLAN COBEN- The Innocent – Harlan Coben

Never forget to pack your iPod/MP3 player for a musical escape, along with a good book/e-reader to help pass the time.

Are we there yet?

Follow this guide and you won’t be caught short. Please don’t forget though, these are just a few basics that help make your trip a bit more comfortable…what you should definitely prioritise are your ESSENTIAL essentials: money, passport, travel documents and any medication you might need whilst on hol. See Mum, you taught us well. Happy packing and happy holidays!

Top Tip: Roll up your clothes instead of folding; it leaves room for more and will reduce creasing! Go on, throw another pair of shorts in.

What are your in-flight must-haves?

Clare Potts

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