Will pushes the Glee Club to perform in front of the school for the first time at the assembly. He wants them to sing a disco number. They’d rather choose a song that will appeal to the rest of the students.

Rachel and Finn grow closer and they kiss. Finn pulls away because he has a girlfriend.

When Quinn realizes that Rachel has feelings for Finn, she agrees to be a part of the Glee Club in order to keep her man. Sue enlists Quinn and two other Cheerios to join Glee and spy on the enemy.

Terri tells Will that she is pregnant and guilts him into buying a new house that they can not afford. To make ends meet and satisfy his wife, Will takes a second job — as the McKinley High School night janitor. Emma, wanting to spend more time with Will, helps him out.

Terri is disappointed when she learns from her doctor that she isn’t carrying a child. It’s a “hysterical” pregnancy, but she keeps this a secret from Will. He still believes Terri is pregnant.


Glee Music:

Song Name: Gold Digger
Original Performer: Kanye West
Performed on Glee by: Will and New Directions

Song Name: Take a Bow
Original Performer: Rhianna
Performed on Glee by: Rachel Berry

Song Name: Push It
Original Performer: Salt-N-Pepa
Performed on Glee by: New Directions

Song Name: Le Freak
Original Performer: Chic
Performed on Glee by: New Directions

Song Name: I Say a Little Prayer
Original Performer: Dionne Warwick
Performed on Glee by: Quinn Fabray

Song Name: On My Own
Original Performer: Cast of “Les Miserables
Performed on Glee by: Rachel Berry

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