The Rhodes Not Taken


The members of the glee club are worried that they can no longer compete without Rachel. Thinking tat the numbers need more of an edge, Will approaches his former classmate April Rhodes to join squad because she never graduated. She was the most talented singer at McKinley High and Will had a crush on her, but now she’s out of work and misses the spotlight.

April agrees to return to high school. Unfortunately, the glee club doesn’t warm up to her so Will asks her to make an effort. April wins them over one by one.

Rachel rehearses for the musical, but Sandy doesn’t treat her like the star she had expected to be. After some underhanded prodding by Emma, Finn takes it upon himself to flirt with Rachel in an effort to make her come back to glee. It doesn’t hurt that Rachel becomes jealous when she sees April take her place as the lead in their number.

Knowing that April’s inclusion isn’t helping, Emma tries to show Will that he really needs to get Rachel back instead. Yet Will still tries to work on April, and he asks her to sober up because she’s being a bad influence on the kids. April says she will do it.

With one last play upon Rachel’s heart and a lie about his relationship with Quinn, Finn gets Rachel to agree to leave the musical for glee club.

Although Will notices that Terri doesn’t have any morning sickness like Quinn, the other students start to realize that Quinn gets nauseous a little too much. Puck plants the idea that Quinn is pregnant by Finn. Rachel is shocked to learn that Finn lied to her about his feelings. She confronts Finn and quits glee again.

Rachel demands that Sue give her creative control over the musical instead of Sandy.

New Directions performs at the Invitationals. Even though April is drunk, she wows the crowd. Rachel looks on from the audience. Emma guilts Will into firing April before the second number is about to start. The glee club panics when they think they have to cancel, but Rachel comes backstage to step in for April. She announces that she has quit the musical because she owes it to them – her friends – to stay in glee.


Glee Music:

Song Name: Somebody To Love
Original Performer: Queen
Performed on Glee by: New Directions

Song Name: Maybe This Time
Original Performer: Cast of “Cabaret
Performed on Glee by: Rachel, April Rhodes

Song Name: Alone
Original Performer: Heart
Performed on Glee by: Will, April Rhodes

Song Name: Last Name
Original Performer: Carrie Underwood
Performed on Glee by: New Directions, April Rhodes

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