Going Back To Uni this September? We have some great products to help you get prepared before Freshers week!


Whether you’re a first time Fresher looking to kick-start to your Uni life or a returning student looking to settle back in, from Laptops to UGGs we have some great ideas for you.

For the fun nights ahead of you we have all the right gadgets and games in our Learn Hard, Play Harder range. To help Pimp Your Pad  we have fun accessories like the Retro Slush Maker to make yours the coolest room to be in when you go back to Halls. From designer clobber to pulling pants we can help you look the part with our Uni-form Clothing. Plus we haven’t  forgotten Top of the Class Tech to take care of getting a first class with tools such as the USB flash drives to store all those notes and lifetime of memories.








If you or someone you know wants to get ahead at Uni read on for some of our favourite hints and tips to making the A-grade:



We know first impressions are everything so make the right one. Don’t be late for your first lecture with this Run Away Alarm clock! This clock is perfect for those who hit the snooze button and is committed to making sure you don’t miss your lectures. As soon as the beep starts the clock is not only ticking but begins to run away from your fumbling hand. It will roll off your bedside table and trundle about in random directions, ensuring that you have to track him down to turn him off – et voila, you’re already up!




Every hall needs a Drinking Extinguisher! but this one is guaranteed to get the party started! Simply fill this up with your drink of choice then use the pump and hose to dispense drinks into glasses, or, for those feeling especially heroic pour it straight into your mouth! Will you be the fire marshal on your floor?


A perfect ice breaker, get involved and get active with the Nerf Dart Tag Furyfire 2 player set!  The guns fire at a good range and are powerful! This is guaranteed fun for all involved! Plus helped by the Velcro ends that stick to the vest there’s no quibble about who got shot and who didn’t…why not put a forfeit on the losing player?



The way to a student’s heart is through their stomach. What better way to ward off a hard night’s hangover than with the waft of bacon sarnie? Perfect for the budding chef you wouldn’t want to be without our Student Cooking Kit (complete with frying pan & hand bottle opening handle). So become the Fry-up King or Queen and become the favourite in Halls!



So enjoy your course and remember to reward your hard work with some play! Don’t forget to keep in touch with us at The Hut through Facebook, Twitter and The Blog! Good Luck Freshers! Or if you’ve been to University and survived then do share your hints, advice and favourite memories?


Note: The Hut advises sensible drinking at all times!

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