Face Training: The new DSi and DSi XL title designed to ‘strengthen and relax six different areas of your face’

Nintendo Face Training

Very much in keeping with the mass-market success already enjoyed by Nintendo in the handheld market, they’ve recently announced a brand new title that looks to tap into the female lifestyle sector.

Called Face Training, the game looks to “strengthen and relax six different areas of your face through simple, daily exercises”.

The exercises in question have been created with Japanese beautician and specialist in the muscles of facial expression Fumiko Inudo. It targets areas of the face including the eyes, cheeks, mouth and neck “which could all help you in your task to facial wellness”, according to Nintendo. It was originally released in Japan a few years back, but is only now coming to Europe.Nintendo adds: “Bonus features include unique mirror angles to experiment with, so you can check your face from different viewpoints and perspectives, which you would be unable to with a normal mirror.”

Nintendo Face TrainingThe game will watch your face as you follow the exercises and monitor your movements. Thanks to its reliance on the handheld’s camera, Face Training will only be compatible with the DSi and the DSi XL versions of the device.

You can buy Face Training from TheHut.com around the end of September 2010, in the meantime have fun with Nintendo DS consoles and games by updating your collection: click here to buy from TheHut.com.

Is it possible that Nicole Kidman will take a liking to Face Training and lay off the botox?

Nicole Kidman Face Training Nintendo DS

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