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Summer is the glorious time of the year that everybody looks forward to. There are so many things to do, from holidays to even hotter countries, to picnics in the park, a paddle in the pool, a good old fashioned barbeque, and the FESTIVALS.

From V Festival to Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds to Creamfields, T in the Park to Benicassim there are a wide variety for any music lover to pick and choose from. With Coachella already been and gone and the lesser known Barcelona-based festival Prima Vera just around the corner, it’s safe to say the festival season is in full swing!

Now, as everyone knows, festivals are not the cleanest of places, so unless you’re willing to fork out for a hotel each night you’re there, or for one of those deluxe caravans, it’s safe to say you’re going to have to forgo hygiene for the weekend. However, as a festival goer, I’m here to help you with what to pack for your muddy destination, from clothes to sun cream,  so fear not!

First off, you should already own the fundamental basics such as underpants, so we’ll skip that. The first thing on your mind should be to protect your skin, whether it be from the sun, germs, or grime.

Coola is your saviour in the sun cream department; with a wide range of protective sun creams, moisturisers, sprays, facial cleansers, lip balms and more, all varying from SPF 15 to 45, you’ll be able to find your perfect sun protection with this gorgeously fresh range, with scents like piña colada and cucumber. Stay fresh with Coola.


Next on your list is a must have if you want to keep yourself clean and protected from germs and who knows what else in the festival sea of muddy people. Antibacterial Waterless Hand Gel from Australian Bodycare is your saviour in this case. Only 50ml, the bottle is small and compact, perfect to fit in the pocket of even your denim hot pants when you’re out and about, so you can always keep your hands dirt and bacteria free!


How awesome are waterless products?! So awesome, that I’m going to dish the goods on the wonderful brand Nilaqua. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the word Nilaqua literally means no water… just a guess, mind! This amazing range is possibly the best thing you could have heard of pre-festival. Nilaqua stock pretty much everything you could ever need at a festival in a handy and ingenious waterless package. You’ve got waterless shampoos and waterless conditioners to ensure your hair stays squeaky clean if you forgo the dry shampoo route, plus waterless body washes, plus a waterless toothbrush, and even full blown waterless wash kits, complete with expendable wipes, and all in a handy travel pouch.nilaquawashkit

Now that you’ve got the basics sorted, here are a few little bits and pieces that are guaranteed to make your festival experience just that little bit better:

  • Toilet seat covers! Your one stop item to guarantee a little more hygiene at those festival toilets.


  • Boot stickers! Just what you need to give your muddy wellies a little pizazz.


  • T-Shirt Graffiti Pens! Get your mates and all your festival friends to sign your t-shirt on the last day. A whole bunch of memories on one item of clothing.


Hope this post will help you festival boppers be a little more prepared!

Bye for now!


This post was written by our blogger friend Cat. Find her here! If you’d like the chance to write a blog post for The Hut, email us at social@thehut.com.

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