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The winner of OK Go’s latest album, ‘Of the Blue Colour of the Sky’, picked at random, is Ben B. Ben chose Sabotage by the Beastie Boys as his favourite video of all time – “Just because of how funny it is at taking the micky out of 70’s American cop shows, it doesn’t hurt that it’s a great song either”!

What are your thoughts on the retro cop video?

Iron Man 2 review winner

We asked you to submit a snappy review of your fave computer game for your chance to win Iron Man 2 videogame in return for a full review of the game. We had loads of entrants but the winner was:

Mark Harrison for his review of Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption

“Although the structure of Red Dead Redemption is essentially “Grand Theft Auto”, the atmosphere and immersive storyline separates this from any other game. Controlling John Marston as he rides across the open plains searching for treasure, or skinning anything from a rattlesnake to a grizzly, or duelling to the death after being caught cheating at poker are all enjoyable, but nothing compares to taking out vast numbers of enemies in the storyline shootouts. Graphically stunning with enough side missions to keep you coming back long after the storyline ends, this is my game of the year, if not ever.”

But we also loved these reviews – sorry we couldn’t give you all a prize!

Katie Bennett on Crackdown 2: As a big fan of the first game I would say that Microsoft would appear to have another hit on their hands. Sure it isn’t a quantum leap over the first in terms of game play and there have certainly been a number of great sandbox games released since Crackdown first hit the scene three years ago but based on the demo Crackdown 2 is fun, fast and crazy addictive. Just like the recent Just Cause 2 demo which also featured a 30 minute time limit, this demo gives you the freedom to explore the sights and sounds of Crackdown 2 pretty much anyway you choose. Although seemingly more structured than Just Cause 2, I personally feel that once openly released this demo will prove equally as popular and go a long way to selling the game to both Crackdown veterans and new players alike. Being able to unlock a handful of achievements early is the icing on the cake and a feature that I hope catches on for future demos.

Rich ‘wabbit’ Carey on GTA San Andreas: GTA San Andreas is an open sandbox game by Rockstar where you play CJ, an ex-gangster from Los Santos who finds himself caught up in the day-to-day troubles of his peers and corrupt lawmen. GTA:SA follows the same structure as its predecessors but with a slight RPG element to it – SA allows the player to customize the car’s and the players appearance. This along with the mini-games – Burglary, Gang wars and Dating will keep you coming back for more! Overall the game offers a variation of game play and an acceptable difficulty curve.

Paul Byron on Just Dance for Wii: Just Dance is a perfect fit for the Wii. The game shows you a dancer, with the up-coming next move along the bottom of the screen and all you have to do is hold the Wii Remote and copy the move. So simple even a granny could master it, and yet it’s also so addictive that everyone will want to play.

With some great songs from popular singers like Madonna, Kylie and Blur, the only issue is that you won’t find a download store on this game. In short, Just Dance is just brilliant and should be in everyone’s collection.

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