The word “bikini” alone can encourage a whole host of unjustified body hang ups to rear their ugly heads.

Cue the typical pre-bikini-donning regime:

1. Avoid carbs and sugars at all costs – sweet and starchy food is the Devil

2. Generally avoid solids. After all, what isn’t there to love about a celery/sprout/spinach blended smoothie infused with a lick of red onion?

3. Spend mindless hours on the treadmill, preferably until vomit ensues – the ultimate goal

4. Be generally miserable – acquire affectionate ‘office grump’ label

5.  Hit spiral of depression daily after continued refusal of biscuits to accompany tea and spend life waiting for the ever elusive ‘have you lost weight?’

6. Lose friends, lose family, lose mind, lose at life….

Why put yourself through it? Just why? We say don’t. Just cheat.

Finding the right bikini for your body type will quash all of your body qualms, hiding those bits you’re not so fond of and flaunting those that you love.

So have that chocolate digestive with your tea, because you can, with the right bikini for your body shape.



You should focus on feminine cuts and detailing

Soften the chest area with padding, girlie prints and voluminous ruffles

Similarly these ruffles and feminine prints can also feminise your hip area

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A halterneck or thicker straps will narrow your shoulders

A one-piece will also flaunt your bust and legs whilst covering anything in the middle you might want to hide

Block colours help to create the illusion of a leaner silhouette

You should steer clear of prints as they will make you look bigger

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pear 3Pear

Detailing, pleats and embellishments on top will balance out your bottom half

A high leg bikini bottom is your secret weapon and will lengthen your legs

Steer clear of any ruffles or pleating on the bottom – they will add unflattering volume

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atheltic 2Hourglass

High-waisted bottoms will accentuate your nipped in waist

A bikini top with support is key – try thicker straps and underwire

High bikini bottoms will lengthen legs

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