As we step into Spring/ Summer ’14, it’s time to get serious about our base layer basics: t-shirts. Now considered a wardrobe essential for most men, the humble t-shirt originated as underwear, re-established itself as work wear and is so versatile you’ll have a hard job finding a man who doesn’t own one. Perhaps the only obligatory wardrobe staple – when we find a style we like, we buy in bulk (often in the same colour or cut),  probably from the same brand and we wear them everywhere – out to bars, to the beach and even to bed.  Well – who said casual attire can’t be stylish? Here’s The Hut’s ultimate guide to men’s t-shirts so you can get it right this season. 

Getting The Perfect Fit. 

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nANA jUDY Men’s Youth Pocket Detail T-shirt – Deep Slate


When choosing your t-shirt, it’s important you get the fit right. Loose, languid and baggy t-shirts that hang off your body look untidy and give the impression that you’re unkempt. We’re not saying you need to be a narcissist, but taking the time to buy a tee that fits correctly will look instantly smarter, more stylish and compliment your masculine physique. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • To accentuate your abs or give the impression of a narrow waist, opt for tapered cuts that don’t hang loose or baggy around your waistline.


  • To accentuate your pecs / shoulders, invest in a slim-fitting t-shirt that tapers slightly in at the waist and gives the impression of wider shoulders


  •  For men who want a t-shirt that works well for their arms, you should be reaching for t-shirts with slightly shorter sleeves. Don’t be afraid to reinvent your current t-shirt by rolling up the sleeves to show off your biceps and triceps.


Things To Remember


  • If you’re feeling body conscious (it happens to the best of us), then don’t panic. Opt for a t-shirt in regular fit. We have a great range of regular t-shirts from many premium brands on our concession, MyLabel. With many premium brands like Sik SilkPearly King and Supremebeing to choose from, you’ll be stuck for choice when it comes to giving your t-shirt collection a much needed spring clean.
    red tshirt

    Pearly King Men’s Fatel Photo Print Crew Neck T-shirt – Red


  • Never opt for a bigger size in an attempt to conceal the body parts you’re not proud of. The perfect fitting t-shirt should never finish below the top of your hips


  • Short sleeves should only ever be the length of half your upper arm.


  • Skin-tight t-shirts don’t look great. Unless you’re sporting performance wear – get one that fits and looks comfortable on your torso.




Don’t Compromise On The Colour


Tommy Hilfiger Men’s 3-Pack T-shirt – Grey Mix


It’s always great to get back to basics. Opting for white, grey, black or navy t-shirts are always a safe option because of their timeless appeal. They go with almost anything so if you’re not sure what colour to go for, these basic colours are a good place to start.


  • White: when opting for a t-shirt colour that pairs well with denim, you can always rely on white. You only need to look no further than James Dean. A classic choice, it works on every skin colour and goes with practically everything.


  • Black – a classic colour, black t-shirts are great for layering. Perhaps not such a great choice for a summer t-shirt because it absorbs the heat but none the less, black t-shirts are great for creating a smart-casual look that will enable you to create a stylish but  comfortable night time look.


  • Navy: a lighter alternative to black – navy is more day friendly than black because it creates more depth. When combined with light-washed denim or blue tailoring, navy t-shirts will create effortless tonal looks that are fashion-forward and fresh.


  • Grey: if you want to enhance your physique, grey is the colour to go for. Grey t-shirts are usually made from a variety of different shades and this creates a textured effect that’s truly flattering. Beware if you sweat quite a lot as grey is not a good colour to conceal this.


Don’t be afraid to go bold and opt for direct approaches to colour. Because t-shirts can be so casual and basic, it’s the perfect garment to experiment with. Strong colours such as reds or greens can work well with t-shirts.

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