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Whether you say barbecue, BBQ, or bar-b-q, there’s no denying that cooking outdoors is one of the best aspects of warmer weather and lighter evenings. However, when out of the comfort of the kitchen, cooking can be unpredictable and trickier than anticipated – so we’re here to help.

Check out our delicious barbecue recipes, tips and tricks below to ensure your outdoor feast goes without a hitch. Eating indoors is so last year…

Barbecue Recipe | Barbecue Ribs

What would a barbecue be without a rack of sweet, smoky ribs? Paired with a fragrant barbecue sauce, this rib recipe is easy to follow and perfect for feeding a crowd. (Napkins and bibs optional.)

Barbecue Recipe Ribs

Read the barbecue rib recipe here

Barbecue Tip | Preparation is Key

A barbecue is a quick operation – turnover time for food is rapid, and with a host of hungry mouths to feed, you need to be prepared. Make sure your barbecue, serving spoons, utensils and bowls are at the ready before you start cooking, to ensure your evening runs smoothly.

Barbecue 1

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Barbecue Trick | Herbs on the Barbecue

Gather a handful of aromatic herbs – think rosemary or thyme – and toss over the barbecue. As they burn, the herbs give the food an intense herb flavour – whilst making the garden smell pretty good too…

Barbecue Recipe | Coleslaw

Pair your ribs with heaps of crunchy, moreish coleslaw – there’s a huge number of ways to make this simple side, and this recipe outlines all the different ways to do so.

Coleslaw Recipe Barbecue

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Barbecue Tip | Don’t Forget the Tipple

Make sure you’ve got a bucket of ice, bottle opener and plenty of glasses handy for your guests.

Barbecue 2

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Barbecue Trick | Lemons and Fish

If you’re grilling fish on the barbecue, sometimes the fish can stick to the grill. Combat this by placing slices of lemon underneath them as they cook – this adds a fresh, citrus flavour to the flesh as well.

Barbecue Recipe | Chocolate and Marshmallow Grilled Bananas

Bananas are notoriously delicious when grilled, and with the addition of chocolate pieces, gooey marshmallows and a little bit of crunch, we’re in serious barbecue heaven.

Barbecue Recipes Bananas

Read the grilled bananas recipe here


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