I’m sure we all have the same problem. We all work better in a tidy space, without the distraction of rolled-up paper balls, errant pens and half of the contents of our bags strewn across our desks. Regardless of that mandatory tidy up of your desk you do every Monday morning in order to mask the fact you haven’t quite woken up yet, by lunch you’ve got the entire office’s supply of paper surrounding a couple of empty food wrappers and 3 water bottles you didn’t even bring in. This mess leads to a messy mind, desperate searching and general misery.

If this sounds like you, then check out our selection of three products below that will help you tidy you desk, your mind and your life.

Nkuku Bird Peg Board


Use this chic and easy to use peg board to collate your most important notes throughout the day. Instead of having an infinity of post-it notes covering your screen; with important receipts, business cards or photographs blustering about your desk like a gathering of tumbleweed; put them on this board and clear up your office space.

This board would also be perfect in your kitchen or living room, as a family notice board or a great place to put your childrens drawings. Make sure you’re never overwhelmed with notes again and pick up an NKUKU BIRD PEG BOARD here at the hut for only £15.99.

Back 2 Skool Pen Holder

Back 2 Skool Pen Holder

Always searching for a pen? Can’t find your ruler? No scissors to be found in the house? Then this BACK TO SKOOL PEN HOLDER is the perfect solution to your stationary woes.  A blast from the past, this stationery holder is designed to look just like the wooden test tube holders found in Chemistry classes. This school-inspired desk accessory will hold your pencils, pens, ruler and other stationery in its four holders. There’s even a slot at the front where you can rest your smartphone and hold other small bits and bobs! Pick one up today for only £10!

Nkuku Eku Document Holder


My final selection for this blog post is the NKUKU EKU DOCUMENT HOLDER. These stylish, unobtrusive wire document holders will allow you to quickly and easily organise all of your documents and make sure you’re never left scrambling for the right paper again.

They would also be perfect for holding collections of magazines and newspapers. Available in distressed grey or cream, pick some up today for only £12.99.

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